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Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: Things That Every Business Owner Should Know

According to some sources, Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise are the two leading enterprise-level eCommerce platforms that have helped hundreds of B2C and B2B websites to grow and expand their business operations. Of course, these two platforms are not the same. They do have many similarities, but some of the differences make them completely unique. So, which one should a business owner select? The answer to this question is simple – it all depends on your needs and requirements and a simple Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise comparison should be able to help you.


Shopify Plus comes with a simple and clean URL. However, it lacks an option for customization, something that Magento Enterprise has. In other words, Shopify Plus is a better option if you want to keep things automated in this sector while Magento Enterprise is more customizable when it comes to search engine optimization. The same go for the SEO tools found on both platforms. Of course, if you choose any of these two options, you can rest assured that your website will meet the basic SEO standards.

Promos and discounts

As a business owner, you may want to create promos and discounts and offer them to certain categories of clients. You can do this with both of these eCommerce platforms. Shopify Plus has decided to offer 3rd party applications that you can download in their app store to create promotions and discounts. On the other hand, BigCommerce has built-in features that help users with these things.  They have more than 70 different discount options.


When you start selling things online, you have to think about shipping. Luckily, Shopify Plus offers access to discounted shipping services. You can also take care of the shipping labels directly through this platform. BigCommerce also comes equipped with sophisticated shipping solutions like complete integration with ShipperHQ for example.

Multi-channel support

It would be a mistake to miss the opportunity to sell your products and/or services on more than one channel on the Internet when almost every decent eCommerce platform focused on enterprise-level users has an option like this. Both BigCommerce and Shopify Plus allow integration with the world’s most used social media networks and marketplaces including Instagram, Pinterest, eBay, Facebook, and Amazon. It doesn’t take much time or effort to create a store that will allow the users of these platforms to purchase goods from your offer.