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Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise

Which one should I choose – Shopify Plus or Magento Enterprise? This is a common question these days when many enterprise-level businesses are interested in strengthening their position on the online market. If you take a look at the answers, you will probably realize that there’s no universal answer that can clear the dilemmas. Yet, by reading more about the basic characteristics of these two eCommerce platforms and comparing their performance, you will probably be able to make a good decision. If you want to find information like this, we’ve prepared a Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise comparison for you.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a cloud-based eCommerce platform focused on enterprises. In other words, if you are a high-volume merchant you can rely on a platform like this at any time. There’s a reason why Shopify Plus has won a few eCommerce awards in the last five years.

With Shopify Plus, selling products on any popular online marketplace and social media platform is very easy. This platform has exceptional multichannel features that can help you attract and retain customers. Thanks to the variety of tools found here, you can also boost sales and improve brand awareness on sales channels like Facebook, Instagram, eBay and more. If you select Shopify Plus, you will be able to accept payments from PayPal, Bitcoin, Stripe and over 70 other gateways. It is possible to use Shopify Plus to sell things internationally.

If you want to analyze your business venture on the Internet, you can use their sophisticated analytics and reporting tools. There is also a good selection of SEO tools, but most of them are automated. For many users, this is a good thing because they don’t have to tweak their websites manually.

Magento Enterprise

On the other hand, Magento Enterprise is a slightly older eCommerce platform. As expected, it has more users than Shopify Plus and a larger community which allows you to read more about the experience of other users. In any case, Magento Enterprise is a modern solution for enterprise-level merchants. Some experts claim that Magento Enterprise comes with better SEO tools and capabilities than Shopify Plus. It also has many built-in features that have an impact on the functionality of the eCommerce website. This option is slightly costlier too. It’s also good to know that Magento Enterprise offers good support which is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.